Kaunas University of Technology

Adress of the Venue

Studentų st. 48 Kaunas 51367, Lithuania

The event takes place at the campus of Kaunas University of Technology

Bring a 1-Euro coin!

At the entrance to the KTU Library – the conference venue –  you will be offered to store your belongings like backpacks, jackets, etc. in lockers. For that you need a 1-Euro coin or the shopping coins

Internet access

If you already have access to the eduroam internet – you can continue using it it during the conference as well.

Additionally, we have the other access point!
Network: KTU guest
Password: 200822.092932


By Bus

Buses No. 3, 37, 40, run from the city center and the old town to KTU Library. The trip duration is about 20-25 minutes and 7-10 stops. A single-use ticket price is 1 Eur.

To improve mobility with public transport, download the Trafi app for real-time traffic and timetables and the Žiogas app for purchasing (cheaper) tickets. The latter is super-fast and convenient. There is also a public transport network website called designed to find the most convenient and fastest route.

By Bolt

You can use BOLT services for a ride inside the Kaunas city. You can choose a car ride, a scooter ride, or an electric bike ride. Choose the option you prefer from the BOLT APP.