Paper Preparation

The size of a Full / Commentary Paper has to be 4-6 pages (including abstract, main text, references and figure legends). For each additional page of the Full paper, the author will be required to pay an extra fee. 
The size of a Doctoral Workshop proposal has to be 1-2 pages.

Each main author is allowed to submit max. 2 papers (check for the additional charges on the registration page). However, the author can be mentioned as a co-author in other submissions.

The conference language is English only.

Depending on the submission type*, a paper should include a combination of following sections:

  • Synopsis
  • Research Design
  • Relevance for Practice
  • Relevance for Education
  • Main and Anticipated Findings
  • Profile of Associated Instructions
  • Keywords

* Submission types: Case Study, Doctoral Workshop proposal, Masters Research Note, Practitioner Paper, Research Paper, Commentary Paper.

Guidelines for preparing your paper:

Full paper: please use the provided Guidelines for preparing your paper. You can find there instructions and recommendations on how to structure a Full paper in compliance with the IEEE requirements. You can download the Guidelines here.

Commentary paper: the stories of cities go well beyond the researcher perspective. We want to hear informed commentary from citizens, city leaders and other stakeholders who want to ensure their future cities have a high quality of life. We would like factual commentaries that effectively and meaningfully shed light on either the topics of this conference or anything that you, as a city stakeholder, consider worthy of discussion.
The commentary paper should have a short meaningful title, an abstract of 50 words or less, no more than 35 references, and one or two figures (with figure legends) or tables.

Doctoral Workshop proposals**:
Starting a new Journey – this proposal focuses on your PhD journey at the beginning of your research. Discussions during the Doctoral Workshop of the IEEE E-TEMS 2021 will give you an outcome in form of feedback, that you can use for your future work.
On the Journey – this proposal focuses on the outcomes of your research in the middle stage of your PhD journey. Share your current research findings, and it will fall under the discussion during the Doctoral workshop of the IEEE E-TEMS 2021.

**All presented during the Doctoral Workshop proposals can be then considered for the elaboration and extension. PhD researchers will be given a chance to be published in either Project Management Research & Practice Journal or IEEE Xplore.





Each presenting author must submit the Paper (Full paper, Commentary Paper, Doctoral Workshop Proposal) via EasyChair System.

oral presentation

Oral presentation should take around 20 minutes which will be followed by the Q&A session (around 10 minutes). For Oral presentation please use MS PowerPoint. We suggest using 24-pt font size or bigger, for slide headers – 32-pt or bigger.

The presentation file should be provided on USB stick before the start of your session. The authors will be provided with all necessary equipment.

Doctoral Workshop

Presentation of each Doctoral proposal should take max 15 minutes. The presentation will be followed by the 10 minutes discussion, during which researchers will also get the feedback and suggestions for their future research.

For the presentation of your work please use MS PowerPoint. We suggest using 24-pt font size or bigger, for slide headers – 32-pt or bigger.

poster presentation


The maximum poster size is given by 59,4 cm in width and 84,1 cm in height (A1 format).

Follow the formatting of the Poster Template file.


Conference content will be submitted for inclusion into IEEE Xplore as well as other abstracting and indexing (A&I) databases. All A&I providers can be found here and include amongst others Scopus and Web of Science. 


Privacy policy: IEEE policy and professional ethics require that referees treat the contents of papers under review as privileged information not to be disclosed to others before publication. It is expected that no one with access to a paper under review will make any inappropriate use of the special knowledge which that access provides. This applies to anyone else who is authorized to handle submissions.

Publication policies:
IEEE reserves the right to exclude a submission from distribution after the conference, including exclusion from IEEE Xplore, if the submission does not meet IEEE standards for scope and/or quality.
IEEE reserves the right to exclude an article from distribution after the conference (e.g., not placed on IEEE Xplore) if the article is not presented at the conference.